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Kasia Sokalla studied voice in her native Poland, and graduated with honors from the Berklee School of Music.

Gawain Thomas comes
from a musical family, and began playing accordion at an early age. He has studied for years with Bulgarian maestro Ivan Milev, and is well-known on the Boston Balkan music scene.

David Golber has been playing Balkan-style clarinet for decades.  He speaks Macedonian, and has studied in the Republic of Macedonia with Risto  Krapovski, Bajsa Arifovska and others.


Henry Goldberg is a true master of the Balkan drum tapan.  When the Bulgarian  group Kabile came on tour to Boston, they were traveling without a tapan player.  Henry stepped in and played with them, seamlessly and completely in style.

Gogofski plays music of the Balkans.  Not the loud and fast brass band.   Not the massive thirty-voice choir.   We bring you other great music from the Balkans, from the complex dance rhythms of Macedonia to the heart-wrenching Sevdah song tradition of Bosnia.

Gogofski plays for a dance evening the way they do in the old country: the musicians on the floor playing right in front of you, to you, for you.  A Gogofski club evening gives you a feast of comic songs and intimate ballads, traditional and modern, and brings you to understanding, to sharing, and to feeling.  And at an outdoor festival, Gogofski brings a new sound and a new excitement that brings the audience out of their seats to dance in front of the stage.

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